2. Stakeholder Coalition Canvas


A second canvas helps you to build your coalition. It gives you a clear view how to organize your stakeholders in your project. An easy tutorial video again guides you through it.

Don’t worry we are always there to help you out with your questions!

Download the Stakeholder Coalition Canvas and get things moving. Experience how easy it is to collaborate!

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After using The Stakeholder Value Canvas this canvas helps you to build your coalition. You can start to build on your project organisation. Which stakeholders and which representatives will be taking part and at what level. Who will be part of your projectteam? You just categorized your stakeholders, now you have the ability to clearly appoint them to your project organisation.
Large print of the The Stakeholder Value Canvas enables you to do this exercise with others. The free Podio® integration enables you to directly save your work on-line and work on your canvasses with your collaborators.

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High Quality Canvas fit for up to "A0" poster size prints.
Link to Tutorial Video Library

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